Depositing Activities against other Depositors Entities
Some depositors wish to deposit bioactivity data obtained using either assays (AIDXs) or compounds (CIDXs) defined by other depositors.
  • Depositors should only do this if they are very confident that the initial depositor has the capacity to maintain the identifiers correctly.
  • They must accept that the initial depositor may update the definitions of these identifiers at any time without informing anyone else who may have deposited activity against these identifiers.
  • In order to use AIDXs and CIDXs owned by other depositors, these IDs must already have been deposited within ChEMBL by their respective owners.
  • Also, when citing these AIDXs and CIDXs in the Activity load file, the depositor must add an extra column to the file, giving the src_id of the owner of these IDs.
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