MAlaria Inhibitor Prediction platform

The malaria inhibitor prediction (MAIP) platform is the result of a public-private collaboration whose aim is to develop a consensus model for predicting blood stage malaria inhibition. Five Pharma and not-for-profit partners trained a model (using code developed by EMBL-EBI) on their private datasets. The resulting models were combined by EMBL-EBI and made available through this public prediction platform.

The work to create MAIP is described in full in an article. Note: the fingerprints described in the manuscript and in MAIP slightly differ; the ones in the publication keep the feature frequencies while the ones currently implemented don't.

A summary of the key elements of the work is described in the section Using MAIP results.

To use the platform, the user submits a compound input file. The system automatically reads the file, standardises the molecules and submits the compounds to the model. When the job is done, the user can download the result file via the link provided.

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