Thanks are due to many people for the creation of this resource:
  • James Duffy at MMV for the original concept & providing some of the screening data
  • Andreas Verras for the original work and paper that inspired this project
  • Novartis, GSK, St Jude Children's Research Hospital and AstraZeneca for letting us use their data to train models.
  • Eric Martin & Ken Hall at Novartis, Darren Green & Martin Saunders at GSK, Anang Shelat & Jason Ochoada at St Jude, Ola Engkvist & Preeti Iyer at AZ for running the models at their organisations
  • Andrew Leach, Nicolas Bosc, Eloy Felix, Ricardo Arcila & David Mendez at EMBL-EBI for scientific input & making it all happen
  • Mark Gardner at AMG for coordinating the project
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for providing funding for the project
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